About me…

After I graduated from the Departement of Mathematics at the Gadjahmada University in 1996, I became a staff member in the same department.

In 1998, I had an opportunity to pursue my Master degree. From August 1998 until May 2000, I was a Master student at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics . Under supervision of Dr. Erik A. van Doorn (from Universiteit Twente ) and Ir. Bart Sanders (from Libertel/Vodafone), I wrote a thesis with the title “Performance Modeling of CDMA Systems“. I was graduated in June 23, 2000 and obtained the title of Master of Science in Engineering Mathematics.

In 2001, I had another opportunity to enhance my knowledge. From September 2001 until March 2006, I was a PhD candidate at Stochastic Operations Research (SOR) group, Department of Applied  Mathematics, University of Twente. The topic of my research was Dynamic Capacity Allocation in Wireless Networks. The project was done under the supervision of Prof. dr.Richard J Boucherie, Prof. dr. Hans van den Berg and Dr. Adriana F Gabor.

You can download the dissertation entitled “OPTIMAL RESOURCE ALLOCATION IN DOWNLINK CDMA WIRELESS NETWORKS” here.

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